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Equitable marital property division involves the valuation of all property considered a part of the marital estate. For common assets, such as homes and cars, this process is often straightforward. However, many people have unique assets — such as businesses, retirement accounts, stocks and other assets — that require more in-depth investigation to assess their true value.

At Grindle Robinson & Goodhue LLP, we assist men and women of middle to high net incomes in west Boston, Massachusetts, with complex property division and other matters in divorce. We have more than 30 years of demonstrated success in representing clients' interests and protecting individual assets throughout the process. We work with clients to achieve the best possible outcome through negotiation or litigation.

Experienced Representation in Valuing Complex Assets

Our Boston property division attorneys have been recognized for their leadership and experience in handling all aspects of family law. Each of our family lawyers has been selected to the Massachusetts Super Lawyers or Rising Stars lists. Our experience includes representation in valuing:

  • Business valuations, including family-owned businesses, limited partnerships and family partnerships
  • Gifted assets and inheritances
  • Sophisticated executive compensation, including stock grants, deferred compensation, state pensions, etc.
  • Stock options
  • 401(k) accounts, IRAs, pensions and other retirement benefits

Determining whether assets should be considered individual or marital assets requires the full disclosure of both parties. We work diligently to ensure all assets are included in the settlement for consideration. We are not afraid to request subpoenas for documentation withheld by opposing parties who refuse to cooperate.

When necessary, we enlist the help of leading experts, such as forensic accountants and property valuation professionals, to verify information and assess the true value of certain property. Our goal is to protect clients' individual rights and pursue their interests throughout the process.

For sophisticated, experienced representation in complex property division matters, contact our firm by calling 781-235-3300. We regularly accept referrals from former clients and other attorneys.