Modifications & Enforcement

Boston Divorce Modification Lawyers

Massachusetts Custody Modification Attorneys

While the terms of a divorce settlement or separation agreement are designed to give individuals clear guidelines for moving forward with their lives, these orders can be subject to change under certain circumstances.

For more than 30 years, Grindle Robinson LLP has offered sophisticated, professional and personalized solutions in family law. We represent men and women throughout the west Boston metropolitan area with a wide variety of complex post-divorce issues, from parenting time disagreements to child support enforcement.

Our firm is widely recognized and referred by colleagues, members of the bar and former clients for our sound judgment and creative resolutions.

As life goes on after a divorce, changes may occur that warrant a modification to a parenting plan or alimony agreement. Modifications to parenting plans, child support and alimony are awarded only to clients who can demonstrate a significant change in circumstances, such as:

  • Job loss
  • Relocation
  • Remarriage

Our experienced Boston divorce modification attorneys review clients' cases and help them make practical decisions about pursuing a modification order. 

Enforcement of Court Orders

We also assist clients who are entitled to receive child support or alimony to assert their rights if they are not receiving court-ordered financial assistance. Our attorneys work diligently to obtain efficient solutions on our clients' behalf. We have often obtained successful results through negotiation, mediation and arbitration on behalf of clients, and we are always prepared to represent clients' interests in litigation. If necessary, we can file an order of contempt against repetitive offenders for additional damages.

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